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Ethereal Bridal Shoot

I’ve been so lucky to come across and know some pretty talented and amazing people in my life. And sometimes…we love to get together and make something beautiful. So stoked that Green Wedding Shoes decided to feature it! yay! Please click on the image below to view our feature. Thank you, thank you to our pretty girls that braved the river water with us! Please see the list of creative genius’s on Green Wedding shoes. :)


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Brad & Lisa wedding ~ Ruffled

Thank you, thank you to Ruffled for thinking this wedding was as awesome as we did! Even through the wind and the rain this day was too fun. Its always an honor for me to see my work up online and I’m always grateful for such amazing couples that put so much beauty into their day. Please go check out Brad and Lisa’s gorgeous day on Ruffled!

love Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.23.16 AM



Doug + Bonny wedding

It’s always so exciting and such an honor when a wedding gets featured!! Please find it on the ;) I’ve been dying to blog my cousin Bonny’s wedding for some time now. She’s probably one of the most stylish people I know on the face of the planet and her day was to die for (especially that Maggie Sottero dress that I wanted to eat up). Doug welcome to the family, you’re amazing…I could have not chosen a better guy for Bonny. I am so happy for the two of you, thank you for allowing me to share your day with you! Now bring on the babies. ;) xoxo


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